ScyllaDB Monitoring

ScyllaDB Monitoring Stack can monitor all the Scylla infrastructure easily. Scylla team has beautifully explained, all the steps to setup monitoring. It’s very straight forward and any body can configure it using the below URLs.

ScyllaDB URLs


I’m just sharing up a scenario, where i faced some issues in setting up this monitoring stack in a restricted environment. (No Internet connectivity)

I added a proxy in restricted environment to access internet for setting up this monitoring stack. Every thing was running fine. After, that i removed the proxy and setup monitoring stack in restricted environment as per the guideline. Now, the monitoring was not working. Grafana was not able to communicate with Prometheus API.

After troubleshooting, i found that Grafana picks up the proxy address IP as a data-source for Prometheus. I changed the IP and every things works like a magic.


It’s very easy…..anybody can do it.

Scylla Mertices

Scylla Mertices1

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