ScyllaDB Backup

Scylla is an open-source distributed NoSQL data store. It was designed to be compatible with Apache Cassandra while achieving significantly higher throughputs and lower latencies.

Scylla is a fault tolerance system, even though it is recommended to regularly backup data to external storage. Backup is per node basis. Therefore take backup of all the nodes of the cluster.

Full Backup

Backup the table schema using the below command. Table schema is mandatory in order to restore the snapshot data.

cqlsh -e "DESC SCHEMA" > schema_name.cql

Take a snapshot backup. Snapshot are taken using ‘nodetool snapshot’ command. This command flushes the mem tables from memory to sstables on disk, then create a hard link for each sstable in each keyspace.

nodetool snapshot <KEYSPACE_NAME>


It’s so easy to do Scylla backup.

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